Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm riding on the train to Seoul, and for some reason I can't get this chopstick thing out of my head. Koreans use metal chopsticks, which at first seems like an incredible idea. They are reusable, they don't burn when you are skewering a piece of meat off the grill, and they are probably more sanitary. They also don't hold things. I have pretty good chopstick skills, but I'll be damned I can grab a single noodle with these slick polished sticks. Wood is the way to go. Raw fish? Wood. Noodles? Wood. Even that last grain of rice sticks better to wood. I'm happy to say when a country does something right, like Internet access in Korea, but seriously, the next time I'm at a Chinese Restaurant, I'm grabbing a shit ton of wooden chopsticks.