Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back to it.

Ah, Blogs.  I love them.  And hate them.  Chadwick has had me so busy lately that it has been difficult to muster up the time to write on this blog.  However, seeing as how most of the traffic Erin Henkels and I get on these blogs happens during the international teacher hiring season, I thought it a good idea to freshen this puppy up a bit.

Also, I'm thinking of applying to a writer's symposium for Rock and Ice magazine, so I had better start practicing the written word again.

Mainly, if you end up here looking for information on Chadwick or New Songdo, I would push you over to Erin's post over here.  It's a pretty complete picture of our point of view.

Also, this video of our Well County housing is hugely popular.

I'll try to get some more posts up soon.  But, between Erin's blog and my video, lots of potential hires questions should be answered.