Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Life is busy. We arrived in Incheon, Korea (just outside of Seoul) two and a half weeks ago. So far, we've moved in to a new house, bought all the related sundries, began new jobs at a new school, met a whole new set of colleagues and friends, explored the running trails in the green space of our school, and had way too many happy hours sponsored by our school.

We couldn't be more pleased with our move. Our school is wonderful, supportive, and well funded. The students are cheerful learners. Our neighborhood is safe, quiet, and surprisingly green.

The bars have Guiness on tap. I even found and IPA in Seoul. The subway is clean, efficient, cheap, and two blocks away from our house.

Our house is a wonder of technological connectivity. We can call our neighbors from a flat screen video panel, which also controls everything from the front door to the oven.

I have TV in my bath.

Our lights are controlled by remotes, and we enter the house with a fingerprint scanner.

The cat found a huge cardboard scratchy at the local version of Wall-Mart, E-Mart. She loves having a big house to run around in.

Today, we'll explore the vegetable and plant market that sets up outside our house on Thursdays.

The school has excellent toilet paper.

Korean Barbeque involves grilled, marinated beef, pork, and garlic and onions at your table. This is a good good thing.

So, we are happy. More to come soon.


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