Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our House


We are indeed moving on up. Living in this deluxe apartment in the sky is a long ways from our cabin in the woods of NC that we lived in while working for Outward Bound. We're not totally sure of ourselves in this place, but we like the space and the kitchen is going to make a great place to brew beer. Strange things like a TV and a kitchen table are here, it's all very unsettling. And the technology is ridiculous, the whole apartment is full of touch screens and Electronic gadgets that speak to us in Korean. See for yourself! 


(I can't get the youtube videos to embed, so I posted the house movie in a separate post above)  Now, who is going to join us over here in Korea?  It's a great country, and a perfect stop along the way to the rest of Asia.  We live next to the airport, so it's all easy and good!  Come visit, we certainly have room for you!


HansKlaus said...

My name is Lucie and I'm from Germany. I'm really interested in Songdo and Korea in general. I love your blogs and I'm looking forward to more pictures and entrys.
One or two questions: Is in Songdo currently just one school ore more? How many bars and shops are there?
It is hard to imagine how living in a new build city is.

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